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TCF Solarization

With recent efforts of urbanization, the demand of electricity in Pakistan is quickly escalating in the rural and underdeveloped regions of the country. Gul Ahmed Energy is committed to addressing this issue by prioritizing the production of electricity. In alignment with the Company’s vision to combat power shortage, Gul Ahmed Energy Limited conducted a CSR activity to solarize different campuses of The Citizens Foundation. The solar systems were supplied and installed by ACT Engineering Services (ACTES). So far, six solar systems have been installed successfully, and more are to follow. This effort aims to provide free and green energy, where there is a lack of electricity facilities, to enhance the access of clean energy and reduce global warming effects with every passing year.

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a non-profit organization managed professionally, founded in 1995 with the aim of fostering positive social change through education. TCF is dedicated to establishing schools for both urban and rural communities, ensuring high-quality education with a focus on gender equality. Additionally, the foundation contributes to community development by offering vocational training to enhance economic opportunities.

ACT Engineering Services, established in 2018, aims to grow Pakistan towards a sustainable energy future by addressing the complexities of solar adoption for residential, commercial, and industrial clients, offering customizable turnkey solutions. ACTES empowers customers to generate clean energy with minimal maintenance. Specializing in solar energy, the company is committed to creating an affordable and sustainable energy landscape.

The following are the details of installed solar panels in different TCF campuses.