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Group History

Gul Ahmed Energy Group is one of Pakistan’s leading power generation groups. Established in 1994 by (Late) Mr. Iqbal Alimohamed, the Group initiated operations with a thermal power plant located in Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi. Since then, we have expanded our project portfolio to Wind, Solar & Power Solutions, with a power generation capacity of 236 Megawatts (MW) in total.


With the passage of time, as the power crisis in Pakistan has become apparent, we have chosen to increase our power generation capacity while prioritizing sustainability, the future economy and climate of Pakistan. By developing a long-term vision which considers the progressing nation and its citizens, we have focused on increasing clean energy supply to the Government of Pakistan. Simultaneously, we provide a spotlight for Pakistan in international forums, resulting in global interest and partnerships with foreign investors in our projects.


To lead the winds of change in Pakistan’s transformation to achieve green energy future by 2030.

“As pioneers of the industry, one of our goals is to highlight the Renewable Energy sector of Pakistan, showcasing our efforts on a national and international level and inspiring others to invest in the crusade against climate change and the power crisis.”


We harness power through various methods to generate competitively priced electricity using advanced technologies while maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety & environmental sustainability, with an unwavering commitment to all our stakeholders.

“For Gul Ahmed Energy Group, we want to combat the climate crisis by expanding our clean energy capacity and developing our employees into informed, insightful and productive leaders who can introduce advanced solutions for a cleaner and greener Pakistan.”


Teamwork. Ownership. Respect. Creativity. Honesty & Integrity. Excellence.

Our TORCHE is the guiding light in our transformation journey.